Hand made hand quilted "under the umbrella" quilt, made from a vintage quilt top from the 60's


  • Details
    • Pattern Name/ Title: “Under the Umbrella”, Variation of >Bars” (Brackman: #475)
    • Size: 72” x 84”
    • Date Made:
    o Top – circa 1965 (inferred)
    o Quilted – 2012 (documented)
    • Made BY: Unknown
    • Quilted by: Tim Latimer, Lansing MI (documented)
    • Predominant Colors: Multicolor
    • Fabric/Materials: cotton blends, solids
    • Batt/Fill: Medium Loft Cotton
    • Construction Techniques: Machine pieced, hand quilted
    • Quilting Pattern/amount: Hand quilted, moderate amount, using #10 black crochet cotton. Quilted to design ¼” to ½” from seam.
    • Description: 1 ¼” wide strips are stitched end to end and then in rows. Assembled strips have been cut into 4 large triangles and reassembled, each section separated and framed by 1 3/8” navy sashing, resulting in the illusion of gazing up “Under the Umbrella”
    • Backing: Pink, cotton blend, one seam.
    • Binding/edge treatment: 3/8” wide Navy, backing brought to the front, hand finished.
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